How can we help?

For employers

When your (temporary) contract is ready for signing, you will see a red circle
next to ‘Flexworker boarding’ (?) on the left side of the action menu of your
portal. When you click on this, you can then click on the relevant onboarding.
Here you see the documents that need to be signed by you. By clicking the
‘Sign’ button you enter our secure environment. You will receive an SMS code
which you can use to log in. Check the information in the document and click
the ‘Click to Sign’ button at the bottom. When you have done this, click on
‘return to e-UUR’ Repeat the above for the remaining documents. You will
receive a new SMS code for each document.

If you work, you are entitled to a discount on your payroll tax. You can apply
for this discount from your employer or benefits agency. The employer pays
less taxes and therefore you receive more wages. Are you working for more
than 1 employer at the same time? Or do you have a benefit and a job at the
same time? Then apply for the payroll tax credit from only 1 employer. If you
apply for the payroll tax credits from every employer, you will receive too much
of a tax credit and you will probably have to pay back tax afterwards. Did you
work for several employers in succession in 1 year? Then you can apply for
the payroll tax credit from any employer.

If you want to change your payroll tax credit, you can contact us. We will send
you a completed payroll tax form that you can sign by means of a digital

Our advice: have the payroll tax credit applied at the employer where you earn
the most. This gives you an immediate advantage on your salary. You also
have the payroll tax credit applied to only one employer, so you avoid an
additional assessment with the income tax return.

You can notify us of the relevant change by e-mail. State your name, date of
birth, old data and the new data. You can email this to:
[email protected].

In your portal you will find the payment calendar, on which you can see exactly
when we pay salary.

You can find this in your portal. On the left side of the dashboard, in the action
menu, is ‘Timesheets’. If you click on this you will see all completed
timesheets, specified per week.

These are in your portal. On the left side of the dashboard, in the action menu,
is ‘Documents’. If you click on this you can find all pay slips, specified per

You can find this in your portal. On the left side of the dashboard, in the action
menu, is ‘Documents’. If you click on this you can find your annual statement.
This will be available from February.

There are three options for payment of the holiday allowance:

  • The holiday allowance is paid in the month of May/1st week of June
    (depending on your salary payment: weekly/four-weekly/monthly). This is the
    default and most chosen option.
  • The holiday allowance can also be paid (periodically) with every wage
    payment (you must indicate this in writing to Nedflex). This means that you do
    not reserve holiday money, but receive a proportional part every week/4
  • The holiday pay is paid 6 weeks after termination of employment. This
    happens automatically.

If you are ill and cannot work, you must report sick to Gewoansu and Nedflex
before 09:00. This can be done by sending an email to
[email protected] and [email protected], or call: 058 203 8175 (Gewoansu) and 0229-282999 (Nedflex).

It is important that we receive your e-mail address, telephone number and the
name of the company where you work from us when you report sick. In
addition, you must also report sick before 9:00 am to the company where you

For clients

You can do this in our portal. There are two steps you need to go through:
Create a new time sheet for the week in question. To do this, click on the tile
‘Enter hours’ and select the desired period. Then click on the ‘Create’ button.
The time sheet opens automatically, you can now enter the hours worked.
When all hours of all employees have been entered, click on the ‘Approve’
button. Note: after that you can’t add anything! If you want to add hours later,

click on ‘Save’. You can then find the timesheet again under the tile
‘Outstanding timesheets’.

In the time sheet you can indicate per line what type of hours it concerns. If
you want to enter a supplement hour, click on the plus sign on the right side of
the time sheet after you have entered the normal hours. You can find this in
the line of the temporary worker's name, then select the correct component.

You can notify us of the relevant change by e-mail to

[email protected] or call 058 2038175.

General questions

We are available Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
By telephone on
058 2038175
You can send an email to [email protected].

It is possible that this email has ended up in your junk mail or spam. If this is
not the case, please contact Gewoansu.