Bringing the right employee into your organization is where we can support
We can take over your recruitment partly or completely. Compared to
recruitment & selection, we are fully integrated within your organization. We
are familiar with the structure, atmosphere and character of your organization
and are therefore involved in your organization. The applicant will therefore not
notice that we are an external partner, but will get the feeling that they are
talking to the organization itself.

You decide to what extent you want to leave the recruitment to us. Whether it
concerns the drafting of the vacancy, the selection of candidates or discussing
the terms of employment with the future employee, we support and/or relieve
you of these tasks.

Step 1.

Recruitment and selection

Step 2.

First intake – competency tests and assessments

Step 3.

The first and possibly second rounds of applications at your company.

Step 4.

Employment interview

Difference between staffing and r&s